Can you recall a time when you visited an airline website and said,
“Wow, that was simple and fast?”
Neither can we. We are changing that.

Airport photo by spiesteleviv.

Who We Are

We’re a team of designers, hackers, builders, thinkers, explorers, strategists, listeners, risk-takers, and doers. And we want to change the travel industry.

Our size allows us to stay ahead of the disruption digital brings.

We speak java, perl, and python as well as English, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Swedish, German, Afrikaans, and Danish.

We earn your respect through the work that we do, not suits and ties or a sprawling campus.

We love what we do. It’s why we work tirelessly and fight hard for what we believe—making the travel industry greater than it is.

We are building the future of airline eCommerce software. Today.

What We Do

Who We Work With

We work with airlines that know the difference between customer-focused and customer-centric and aren't afraid to do things the right way.

We work with airlines that understand that highly reactive product development is bad for business and continuously bolting on new functionality isn’t a product strategy.

We work with airlines that know that digital experiences must switch from momentary to continuous.

We work with airlines that know you can’t bore people into buying.

We work with airlines that understand customer relationships must be unobtrusive, but always available.

We work with airlines looking to build great user experiences across multiple touch points and throughout the customer lifecycle.

We work with airlines that are proactive, and appreciate a laser-like focus on the user experience.

Our Thinking

“It is no longer about channels; it is about the customer life cycle across everywhere we touch them.” – SVP eCommerce,
Global airline

To design and build the travel experiences of the future, you must first understand the Customer Journey, which is complex and unique, containing both digital and physical touch points.

Most travel eCommerce or IT providers focus on one, maybe two, phases of travel (most don't even know what the phases of travel are), thus limiting an airlines opportunity to connect with a Customer and increase revenue.

The Travelaer focus: building relationships with Customers and extending commerce opportunities through all phases of travel.

Bottom-line: There is one device that is typically with a Customer throughout their entire journey- a smart phone. Thus mobile/portable commerce is a core focus of Travelaer and is central to all of our strategies.

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